Who can forget the introduction to the original series of Star Trek?…

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to
seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no man has gone before…

Created by Gene Roddenberry, the original incarnation of the science fiction television series Star Trek ran from September 1966 to June 1969.
The series ran for three seasons and comprised 79 episodes.

The series has three main recurring characters. William Shatner plays Captain Kirk, Leonard Nimoy plays Mr. Spock, and DeForest Kelley plays Dr. Leonard “Bones” McKoy. The show highlights their adventures onboard the Federation starship Enterprise.

A pilot episode of Star Trek, The Cage, was completed in January 1965. This episode features a different cast to
the one we are normally used to. Jeffrey Hunter stars as Captain Christopher Pike, Majel Barrett as Number One, with Leonard Nimoy
in his usual role as Mr. Spock. The pilot was rejected by NBC as being too cerebral, so Gene Roddenberry was asked to produce another
pilot. This is called Where No Man Has Gone Before and was shown as the third episode in the original run.

After the first two seasons, NBC considered cancelling the show due to poor ratings. Star Trek fans inundated NBC with
protest letters and the network decided to produce a third season. When the show was cancelled after its third season, Star Trek
was released to television stations as a syndication package which grew the series into a phenomenon in popular culture. The popularity of
the original Star Trek episodes led to another five television series and eleven Star Trek motion pictures.

The regular actors who feature in Star Trek are as follows:-

Captain Kirk — William ShatnerMr. Spock — Leonard Nimoy

Dr. McKoy — DeForest Kelley

Uhura — Nichelle Nichols

Scotty — James Doohan

Sulu — George Takei

Chekov — Walter Koenig

Nurse Chapell — Majel Barrett

Season One

1. The Man Trap

Airdate: 8 Sep 1966

Stardate: 1513.1

The crew visit the planet M-113 to give husband and wife archaeological team, Nancy and Dr Crater, a routine medical examination. After their arrival aboard the Enterprise, crewmen turn up dead, their bodies drained of salt, and with strange marks on their faces. It is left to Spock and his logical mind to untangle the mystery.

2. Charlie X

Airdate: 15 Sep 1966

Stardate: 1533.6

Charlie X The Antares space vessel rescues a 17-year-old boy, Charlie Evans, from the surface of Thasus, a forbidding planet. He is handed to the Enterprise. He then proceeds to terrorise the crew with his strange mental powers. His prescence could even threaten the survival of the Federation. Who is Charlie, and where do his powers come from?

3. Where No Man Has Gone Before

Airdate: 22 Sep 1966

Stardate: 1312.4

Where No Man Has Gone Before The Enterprise is damaged when it attempts to penetrate a space barrier. A potentially
worse problem is also created when two crew members gain incredible psionic powers that are growing
at an incredible rate. They could put the Enterprise in serious risk, and it forces Kirk to make a difficult decision.

4. The Naked Time

Airdate: 29 Sep 1966

Stardate: 1704.2

The Naked Time An infection is brought on board the Enterprise that killed a science team on the planet Psi 2000. It manifests itself
by stripping the infected party of all inhibition. The starship is reduced to a shambles and is soon plummeting towards the self-destructing planet.

5. The Enemy Within

Airdate: 6 Oct 1966

Stardate: 1672.1

The Enemy Within A malfunctioning transporter splits captain Kirk into two distinct personalities: One is weak and indecisive; the other is brash, violent and
mean-spirited. As if this is not enough to contend with, Scotty has to repair the transporter before the stranded landing party is frozen to death.

6. Mudd’s Women

Airdate: 13 Oct 1966

Stardate: 1329.8

Mudd's Women The Enterprise picks up space entrepreneur Harry Mudd, who is accompanied by three beautiful women. The women
immediately put a spell on all of the crewmen.

7. What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Airdate: 20 Oct 1966

Stardate: 2712.4

What Are Little Girls Made Of? The crew land on planet EXO-III to locate the renowned scientist Dr Roger Korby, a man who is believed to be dead. Korby
is found alive, but he is also a man obsessed with a certain alien technology. It has the power to reproduce humans into androids. Korby plans
to use the technology to duplicate Captain Kirk.

8. Miri

Airdate: 27 Oct 1966

Stardate: 2713.5

Miri The Enterprise receives an SOS signal and finds a planet that is almost identical to Earth. A landing party beams down to discover
a population made up solely of children. They learn that the children have a virus which kills them when they reach puberty. The
landing party also contracts the virus and must find a cure fast.

9. Dagger of the Mind

Airdate: 3 Nov 1966

Stardate: 2715.1

Dagger of the Mind Dr. Marcus Van Gelder, a disturbed staff member of the Tantalus penal colony, manages to escape to the Enterprise.
Captain Kirk and Dr. Helen Noel beam down to the planet to investigate the situation. Dr. Tristan Adams is the prison head, and he
is greatly admired for his work with criminals. However, Kirk has some misgivings about Adams.

10. The Corbomite Maneuver

Airdate: 10 Nov 1966

Stardate: 1512.2

The Corbomite Maneuver While exploring an unchartered region of space, the Enterprise destroys a cube-shaped warning buoy blocking its path. Immediately, an
alien ship, the I.S.S. Fesarius, appears trapping the Enterprise. An alien being called Balok appears on the viewscreen and announces
that the Enterprise will be destroyed for trespassing. Kirk must think quick to save his ship.

11. The Menagerie, Part I

Airdate: 17 Nov 1966

Stardate: 3012.4

The Menagerie Part 1 Spock takes control of the Enterprise in order to escort his erstwhile crippled captain, Christopher Pike, to the
forbidden world of Talos IV. He demands a court martial and proceeds to relate the events of Pike’s captivity on the planet years earlier.

12. The Menagerie, Part II

Airdate: 24 Nov 1966

Stardate: 3013.1

The Menagerie Part 2 Spock continues to detail the events of Talos IV to the tribunal. Footage obtained from the events on the planet
show how the Talosians were capable of placing Captain Pike in worlds from his imagination and memory using their
mind-reading powers. The reason for Spock’s mutiny soon becomes apparent to the court.

13. The Conscience of the King

Airdate: 8 Dec 1966

Stardate: 2817.6

The Conscience of the King Captain Kirk investigates the accusation that a well-known actor is in fact Kodos the Executioner, a presumed dead
mass murderer. Meanwhile, a mysterious assailant is killing anyone who may be able to identify him.

14. Balance of Terror

Airdate: 15 Dec 1966

Stardate: 1709.2

Balance of Terror The Enterprise has to decide on its course of action when a Romulan starship makes a hostile probe of Federation territory.

15. Shore Leave

Airdate: 29 Dec 1966

Stardate: 3025.3

Shore Leave Captain Kirk authorises shore leave for his fatigued crew. The planet chosen is uninhabited and with an Earth-like
atmosphere but very soon after landing crew members start to see strange apparitions.

16. The Gaileo Seven

Airdate: 5 Jan 1967

Stardate: 2821.5

The Galileo Seven A shuttlecraft commanded by Mr. Spock is forced to land on a hostile planet populated by savage beasts. Spocks’s logical
and emotionless leadership does not sit well with the crew, in particular Mr. Boma who constantly challenges him. Meanwhile,
the Enterprise must locate them fast as urgent medical supplies need to be delivered elsewhere.

17. The Squire of Gothos

Airdate: 12 Jan 1967

Stardate: 2124.5

The Squire of Gothos When Kirk and Sulu disappear from the Enterprise’s bridge, Spock leads a landing party to the planet they are orbiting. They
find a dandyish man, Trelane, living in an eighteenth century castle. Trelane acts like a spoiled boy, and it becomes clear that
he wants the crew to keep him company. The crew must find Trelane’s power source and destroy it if they are to free themselves from his grip.

18. Arena

Airdate: 19 Jan 1967

Stardate: 3045.6

Arena An alien race called the Gorn destroy an Earth colony leading to the Enterprise pursuing them across the galaxy. Another unknown
race of powerful aliens intervenes forcing Captain Kirk and the captain of the Gorn ship to face one another in combat. The loser
and his crew will be killed.

19. Tomorrow is Yesterday

Airdate: 26 Jan 1967

Stardate: 3113.2

Tomorrow is Yesterday The Enterprise tries to escape the gravitational field of a black star and find themselves flung back in time to
1960’s Earth. Seen by a U.S. Air Force pilot, they are forced to beam him aboard. Now they must decide what to do with him.

20. Court Martial

Airdate: 2 Feb 1967

Stardate: 2947.3

Court Martial Captain Kirk files a report about the death of crew member Finney, who was jettisoned from a pod to prevent the Enterprise
from being put in danger. However, logs indicate that Finney was jettisoned prematurely, leading to Kirk being court-martialled for
negligence in Finney’s death.

21. The Return of the Archons

Airdate: 9 Feb 1967

Stardate: 3156.2

The Return of the Archons The Enterprise journeys to the planet Beta III to investigate the disappearance of the U.S.S. Archon which went
missing a century ago. A member of the landing party returns in an oddly blissful state, so Kirk and another landing party
beam down to study the situation more closely. It appears that a mysterious being, Landru, has control over the populace.

22. Space Seed

Airdate: 16 Feb 1967

Stardate: 3141.9

Space Seed The Enterprise encounters a spaceship containing genetically enhanced humans from Earth’s past lying in a state of
suspended animation. When he is revived, the spaceship’s leader, Khan, attempts to take over the Enterprise.

23. A Taste of Armageddon

Airdate: 23 Feb 1967

Stardate: 3192.1

A Taste of Armageddon On a diplomatic mission, Kirk and Spock beam down to the planet Eminiar and learn that it has been at war with the neighbouring
planet, Vendikar, for 500 years. However, no sign of damage can be found. They learn that war here is waged by computer simulation and that the
Enterprise and crew have been marked for execution.

24. This Side of Paradise

Airdate: 2 Mar 1967

Stardate: 3417.3

This Side of Paradise The Enterprise is ordered to Omicron Ceti III to evacuate all the colonists, who are at danger from deadly Berthold rays. However, McKoy
finds that they seem to be all in perfect health and have no desire to leave their home. Just what is keeping them so healthy?

25. The Devil in the Dark

Airdate: 9 Mar 1967

Stardate: 3196.1

The Devil in the Dark The Janus 6 mining colony is being terrorised by a mysterious monster that is killing men in the tunnels. Spock and Kirk
investigate why the monster is acting the way it is, with Spock using the dangerous technique of the Vulcan mind-meld on one of the creatures.

26. Errand of Mercy

Airdate: 23 Mar 1967

Stardate: 3198.4

Errand of Mercy The Enterprise is ordered to protect the peaceful planet Organia when peace negotiations break down between the
Federation and the Klingon Empire. Kirk and Spock beam down to warn the Organians about the Klingons, but when
a Klingon fleet arrive, the Enterprise has to leave abandoning the two on the planet.

27. The Alternative Factor

Airdate: 30 Mar 1967

Stardate: 3087.6

The Alternative Factor While scanning an unchartered planet, Spock announces that a violent unknown force has caused a ‘blinking out’ of
everything nearby. Resuming the scan, life is found on the planet where none was found before. A landing party finds a man named Lazarus, who tells
them that he is locked in a struggle with an anti-version of himself.

28. The City on the Edge of Forever

Airdate: 6 Apr 1967

Stardate: 3134.0

The City on the Edge of Forever McKoy accidentally injects himself with Cordrazine, which brings on a paranoid inasnity. He beams himself down to the planet
they are orbiting and escapes through a time portal. Somehow, he changes the past obliterating the Enterprise. Kirk and Spock must
travel through the time portal and intercept McKoy to undo the damage that he has done.

29. Operation: Annihilate!

Airdate: 13 Apr 1967

Stardate: 3287.2

Operation: Annihilate The Enterprise investigates an epidemic that seems to be travelling in a straight line engulfing all planets in its path.
The next planet it will reach is home to Kirk’s brother Sam and his family. The Enterprise arrives too late for Sam, however. Investigating further
they find that small flying jellyfish-like entities are to blame.

30. Amok Time

Airdate: 15 Sep 1967

Stardate: 3372.7

Amok Time Spock is behaving irrationally as he has entered the ‘blood fever’, the time when Vulcans return to a primitive, hormonal state,
in order to find a mate. He must return to Vulcan immediately, or die!

31. Who Mourns for Adonais

Airdate: 22 Sep 1967

Stardate: 3468.1

Who Mourns for Adonais The Enterprise is stopped dead in its tracks by a powerful force. Soon, a being claiming to be Apollo demands that
the crew beam down and worship him.

32. The Changeling

Airdate: 29 Sep 1967

Stardate: 3541.9

The Changeling A powerful energy force is encountered by the Enterprise that has apparently killed all human life in a particular solar system. The
culprit turns out to be a space probe that originated on Earth. Strangely, it believes that Captain Kirk is its creator.

33. Mirror, Mirror

Airdate: 6 Oct 1967

Stardate: ?

Mirror, Mirror Beaming up during an ion storm, a transporter malfunction causes the landing party comprising Kirk, McKoy, Scotty and Uhura to
be transported into an alternate universe where the Federation is a brutal empire. Meanwhile, on the other Enterprise, they
have beamed aboard a party of brutes, similar in appearance to the original landing party.

34. The Apple

Airdate: 13 Oct 1967

Stardate: 3715.3

The Apple A landing party beams down to a seemingly peaceful and ideal planet. However, it soon becomes apparent that
the planet is ruled by an all-powerful computer that keeps it inhabitants in control, albeit healthy.

35. The Doomsday Machine

Airdate: 20 Oct 1967

Stardate: 4202.9

The Doomsday Machine The U.S.S. Constellation and its entire crew was destroyed by a gigantic robot that consumes planets for fuel. Left
behind is Commodore Decker, a guilt-ridden commander. The obsessed Decker is determined to destroy the robot even if it puts
the Enterprise at risk.

36. Catspaw

Airdate: 27 Oct 1967

Stardate: 3018.2

Catspaw When Kirk and his landing party arrive on a planet, they see eerie mists, dark castles, witches and a black cat. These
things are just illusions, and in reality they are under the influence of Korob, a wizard. The black cat also happens to be a
powerful witch. Kirk and Spock must try hard to find a means of escape.

37. I, Mudd

Airdate: 3 Nov 1967

Stardate: 4513.3

I, Mudd The Enterprise spends four days travelling at warp speed to an unknown planet when an android unexpectedly
takes control. When the landing party beams down to the planet, it finds that Harry Mudd is the ruler of a planet
populated entirely by androids. Harry Mudd has one problem in his luxurious existence – the androids won’t let him
leave. Kirk and Spock must find a way to disable them.

38. Metamorphosis

Airdate: 10 Nov 1967

Stardate: 3219.4

Metamorphosis Captain Kirk, Spock and McKoy are transporting a sick Federation Ambassador, Nancy Hedford, in the shuttlecraft to the
Enterprise. A mysterious energy cloud pulls them down to the planet Gamma Canaris N where they meet castaway Zefram Cochrane, who
claims to be the inventor of the warp drive 100 years ago. How could it be him when he appears so young?

39. Journey to Babel

Airdate: 17 Nov 1967

Stardate: 3842.3

Journey To Babel The Enterprise is transporting many diplomats, one of them being Spock’s father, to a conference to discuss
the future of the mineral rich planet Babel. However, one of the number has murder in mind.

40. Friday’s Child

Airdate: 1 Dec 1967

Stardate: 3497.2

Fridays Child The Klingons and the Federation are in competition for the mining rights to Capella IV, a planet ruled by
warrior tribes. When a coup is staged by a Capellan who favours the Klingons, Kirk, Spock and McKoy have to flee with
the pregnant wife of the now dead leader. Meanwhile, Scotty has to leave orbit when another Federation vessel comes under attack.

41. The Deadly Years

Airdate: 8 Dec 1967

Stardate: 3478.2

The Deadly Years A trip to the planet Gamma Hydra IV leaves all of the landing party, apart from Checkov, suffering from a type of radiation poisoning that
induces rapid aging. Each affected member begins to become forgetful and lose concentration, putting the functioning
of the Enterprise in jeopardy. An attack from the Romulans makes a solution to the problem vital.

42. Obsession

Airdate: 15 Dec 1967

Stardate: 3619.2

Obsession Eleven years ago when he was a Lieutenant aboard the U.S.S. Faragut, Kirk was involved in an incident with a gaseous
creature that caused the deaths of many crewmen. He blames himself for freezing in a moment of crisis. Now, he encounters the
creature again and finds himself obsessed with the need for revenge.

43. Wolf in the Fold

Airdate: 22 Dec 1967

Stardate: 3614.9

Wolf in the Fold While on shore leave on the planet Argelius, Chief Engineer Scotty finds himself accused of the murder of a nightclub
dancer. He was found standing over the body with a bloodied knife in his hand but has no recollection of killing her. Hengist,
the chief administrator, thinks the case is cut-and-dried. Kirk suggests that they return to the Enterprise to utilise the ship’s
computers and determine whether Scotty is telling the truth.

44. The Trouble With Tribbles

Airdate: 29 Dec 1967

Stardate: 4523.3

The Trouble with Tribbles The Enterprise is summoned by a Federation Commissioner to protect a vital grain shipment meant to sow wheat on
Sherman’s planet. Captain Kirk finds that he has to deal with bureaucrats, a Klingon battle cruiser and a space
trader, Cyrano Jones, who sells purring balls of fluff known as Tribbles.

45. The Gamesters of Triskelion

Airdate: 5 Jan 1968

Stardate: 3211.7

The Gamesters of Triskelion Kirk, Uhura and Checkov are in the transporter room when they are suddenly transported light years away
to the planet Triskelion. They learn that they are to be trained as thralls, gladiatorial slaves who engage in
combat for the amusement of the Protectors. Trapped and fitted with an obedience collar, Kirk must find a plan of escape.

46. A Piece of the Action

Airdate: 12 Jan 1968

Stardate: 4598.0

A Piece of the Action When the Enterprise returns to a planet that was last visited 100 years ago, they find a population that bases its
culture on Earth’s gangsters of the 1920’s.

47. The Immunity Syndrome

Airdate: 19 Jan 1968

Stardate: 4307.1

The Immunity Syndrome The Enterprise investigates the destruction of the U.S.S. Intrepid, crewed solely by Vulcans. A large dark mass
is found floating in space, draining energy from everything that surrounds it. When the Enterprise is drawn into it,
Kirk is forced to decide whether to send Spock or McKoy into the creature to release the ship, a journey from which there is no return.

48. A Private Little War

Airdate: 2 Feb 1968

Stardate: 4211.4

A Private Little War Kirk returns to the planet Neural where he did his first planetary survey as a young Lieutenant 13 years ago. The
culture on the planet is primitive with little technology – their main weapons being bows and arrows. When Kirk, Spock and
McKoy beam down, they find that the Klingons have been equipping them with more advanced weaponry.

49. Return to Tomorrow

Airdate: 9 Feb 1968

Stardate: 4768.3

Return to Tomorrow From a planet that has been devoid of life for half a million years, the Enterprise hears the voice of Sargon,
who tells them to transport to specific coordinates. After transporting to the specified position, Kirk, Spock, McKoy and
Ann Mulhall find themselves in a subterranean chamber. There they see a globe-like receptacle containing the essence of
three disembodied beings, the last members of an ancient race.

50. Patterns of Force

Airdate: 16 Feb 1968

Stardate: 2534.0

Patterns of Force Tracking a missing Federation cultural observer, Professor John Gill, Kirk and Spock find themselves on a planet
whose culture parallels that of the Nazi party of Germany in the 1930’s.

51. By Any Other Name

Airdate: 23 Feb 1968

Stardate: 4657.5

By Any Other Name An advanced race from the Andromeda galaxy, the Kelvans, take over the Enterprise and are determined to make their
300 year journey home. Rojan, their leader, incapacitates all the crew except for Kirk, Spock and Scotty. Spock comes to
the realisation that the Kelvans, in their human form, are developing emotions and uses this knowledge to gain an advantage
over them.

52. The Omega Glory

Airdate: 1 Mar 1968

Stardate: ?

The Omega Glory The Enterprise discovers the U.S.S. Exeter drifting around the planet Omega IV, its entire crew decimated by an unknown plague. A
landing party beams down to the planet’s surface to find one survivor of the Exeter – its captain. He has violated the
prime directive by interfering in a war between the Yangs and the Kohms. Meanwhile, McKoy has to find a cure for the virus.

53. The Ultimate Computer

Airdate: 8 Mar 1968

Stardate: 4729.4

The Ultimate Computer Captain Kirk is told that the Federation wishes to test the Enterprise in a war game under the control of a new computer
and a skeleton crew. The M5 computer is the brainchild of Dr. Richard Daystrom, who is confident that it will do a better job
than humans. At first it performs well, but later it goes awry and starts to act in defiance of its human masters.

54. Bread and Circuses

Airdate: 15 Mar 1968

Stardate: 4040.7

Bread and Circuses The Enterprise discovers debris in space and determine it to be the the remnants of the merchant ship S.S. Beagle. A landing party
discover that the government is a twentieth century version of the Earth’s Roman Empire. Captain Kirk, Spock and McKoy are kidnapped
by the regime and are forced to fight in gladiatorial games.

55. Assignment: Earth

Airdate: 29 Mar 1968

Stardate: ?

Assignment: Earth The Enterprise travels back in time to visit the Earth and gather historical information. Amazingly, the crew
intercept a space traveler being beamed to Earth. Gary seven is human but claims to come from an advanced civilisation. He
claims to have come to save mankind from itself, but Captain Kirk isn’t convinced and puts him in the brig. He escapes, but is
he here for malicious purposes?

56. Spock’s Brain

Airdate: 20 Sep 1968

Stardate: 5431.4

Spock's Brain A humanoid female from an advanced civilisation appears on the bridge and renders everyone unconscious. For some
unknown reason, she flees with Spock’s brain. Mckoy must keep Spock’s body alive while the crew of the Enterprise search for his brain.

57. The Enterprise Incident

Airdate: 27 Sep 1968

Stardate: 5027.3

The Enterprise Incident On Kirk’s orders, the Enterprise crosses the Neutral Zone into Romulan space and is soon surrounded by Romulan warships. They are
each equipped with cloaking devices, rendering them invisible. Has captain Kirk gone insane, or does he have a hidden motive?

58. The Paradise Syndrome

Airdate: 4 Oct 1968

Stardate: 4842.6

The Paradise Syndrome Kirk, Spock and Mckoy beam down to a planet that is in the path of an asteroid. It is a world whose culture is very similar
to that of the North American Indians. Their stay is meant to be a short one as the mission’s goal is to prevent the
collision of the asteroid, still months away. Unfortunately, Kirk goes missing and loses his memory, forcing Spock to take control
of the Enterprise.

59. And the Children Shall Lead

Airdate: 11 Oct 1968

Stardate: 5029.5

And the Children Shall Lead A distress call is received by the Enterprise from a scientific colony on Triacus. On arrival, all of the adults
are found dead and only the children remain. The children are seemingly unaffected by their parents’ deaths and still play
as though nothing has happened. What strange force is at work here?

60. Is There in Truth No Beauty?

Airdate: 18 Oct 1968

Stardate: 5630.7

Is There in Truth No Beauty A beautiful telepathic interpreter, Miranda Jones, escorts Medusan ambassador Kollos and Engineer Laurence Marvick to
the Enterprise. Medusans are so ugly that the mere sight of them can drive a human to the point of insanity, so they
have to be transported in a special box.

61. Spectre of the Gun

Airdate: 25 Oct 1968

Stardate: 4385.3

Spectre of the Gun As a punishment for trespassing on the planet Theta Kiokis II, Kirk, Spock, McKoy, Scotty and Chekov are trapped in
a psychic illusion. They quickly realise that they are in a strange re-enacment of the legendary “Gunfight at the O.K Corral”. Not only
that, but they are also playing the characters on the losing side, the Clantons!

62. Day of the Dove

Airdate: 1 Nov 1968

Stardate: ?

Day of the Dove An extremely powerful alien entity brings the Enterprise and a belligerent Klingon warship into direct conflict. The entity
gets its energy from the friction created between sentient beings. Kirk and Klingon captain Kang are forced to work
together to defeat the alien being.

63. For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

Airdate: 8 Nov 1968

Stardate: 5476.3

For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky When the Enterprise is fired upon, the crew trace the weapons to an asteroid 200 miles wide. In fact it is a starship
on a collision course with the highly populated planet Darren V. When Kirk and company beam aboard, they discover that the people do
not realise that they are in fact aboard a ship. It takes McKoy, who has also formed an attachment with the high-priestess, to find a solution to the impending disaster.

64. The Tholian Web

Airdate: 15 Nov 1968

Stardate: 5693.2

The Tholian Web The derelict starship Defiant with captain Kirk aboard disappears into a spatial interphase between universes. Spock is
convinced that Kirk is still alive, so maintains the Enterprise’s position despite a mounting hysteria onboard, the same hysteria
that laid waste to the Defiant, while all the time three Tholian ships are laying a force field around the ship.

65. Plato’s Stepchildren

Airdate: 22 Nov 1968

Stardate: 5784.2

Plato's Stepchildren The Enterprise responds to a distress call from the planet Platonius. They find Parmen, the leader of Platonius, delirious
after his leg has become infected. The planet’s residents are an ancient civilisation and they once flourished on Earth during
Plato’s time. They have developed psychokinetic powers, but also have reduced immune systems. When Dr. McKoy refuses their offer to stay,
they begin to make sport with the landing party.

66. Wink of an Eye

Airdate: 29 Nov 1968

Stardate: 5710.5

Wink of an Eye The Enterprise receives a distress call from the planet Scalos. When Kirk and a landing party beam down, they find
no living beings on the surface. It transpires that Scalosians live their lives at a much higher rate of acceleration, rendering
them invisible to the eye. The Scalosians have a plan to turn the Enterprise into a cryogenic storage facility for their crew. Deela,
a Scalosian, accelerates Kirk so that they can interact, but to the Enterprise crew he has disappeared. Can Kirk find
a way to contact the Enterprise?

67. The Empath

Airdate: 6 Dec 1968

Stardate: 5121.5

The Empath Kirk, Spock and McKoy are temporarily stranded on the second planet of the star Minara during a radiation storm. Suddenly,
they find themselves in an underground laboratory where they meet a mute empath, who has the ability to absorb other peoples’ pain.

68. Elaan of Troyius

Airdate: 20 Dec 1968

Stardate: 4372.5

Elaan of Troyius The Enterprise has to transport Elaan, a member of the ruling dynasty of the warrior Elasians, to their enemy’s
planet for an arranged marriage that is supposed to prevent an interplanetary war. However, she is arrogant and
rude and Kirk must teach her some manners. He must be careful though, as the tears of Elasian women can act as a love potion.

69. Whom Gods Destroy

Airdate: 3 Jan 1969

Stardate: 5718.3

Whom Gods Destroy The Enterprise arrives at the planet Elba II, a home for the criminally insane, to deliver a serum that has the power
to cure all the inmates. Kirk and Spock beam down to the planet but find that the inmates are now in control.

70. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Airdate: 10 Jan 1969

Stardate: 5730.2

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield The Enterprise is put in the middle of an ancient conflict between two warring aliens, whose emnity is fuelled
by racial differences. To make matters worse, they both have extraordinary mental powers.

71. The Mark of Gideon

Airdate: 17 Jan 1969

Stardate: 5423.4

The Mark of Gideon While in the process of beaming down to the planet Gideon, Captain Kirk inexplicably finds himself back in the Enterprise
transporter room but on a deserted ship. That is until he sees Odona, a beautiful young woman, who also has no idea of how she got there. What
exactly is going on?

72. That Which Survives

Airdate: 24 Jan 1969

Stardate: ?

That Which Survives When an Enterprise landing party beams down to a geologically unique planet to investigate, their ship is
hurled a thousand light years across the galaxy. A female alien in the transporter room is to blame, and she next
appears on the planet’s surface terrorising the landing crew, consisting of Kirk, McKoy, Spock and Lieutenant D’Amato.

73. The Lights of Zetar

Airdate: 31 Jan 1969

Stardate: 5725.3

The Lights of Zetar The Enterprise is to install some new equipment on Memory Alpha, a library storage facility for the Federation. Scotty has been
working with Lieutenant Mira Romaine on the project, and they have formed a romantic bond. When a space storm arrives at the facility, it kills
the staff but also brings something that possesses the body of Lieutenant Romaine.

74. Requiem for Methuselah

Airdate: 14 Feb 1969

Stardate: 5843.7

Requiem for Methuselah Gathering the mineral ryetalyn from a supposedly uninhabited planet, Kirk, Spock and McKoy encounter Flint and his
brilliant ward, Rayna. However, Flint has ulterior motives and his intention is to capture the Enterprise.

75. The Way to Eden

Airdate: 21 Feb 1969

Stardate: 5832.3

The Way to Eden The Enterprise is commanded to pursue a group of radical idealists who have stolen a space cruiser to journey to
the mythical planet of Eden. The group takes their ship over its limits and the Enterprise has to save them by beaming them
aboard. Led by their irrational leader, Dr. Sevrin, they manage to take over the Enterprise and continue their journey to Eden.

76. The Cloud Minders

Airdate: 28 Feb 1969

Stardate: 5818.4

The Cloud Minders While picking up the mineral Zenite from the only planet where it is mined, Kirk and Spock get caught up in a
revolution between troglodyte miners and intellectuals.

77. The Savage Curtain

Airdate: 7 Mar 1969

Stardate: 5906.4

The Savage Curtain A molten creature’s understanding of the concept of “good vs evil” is helped when Kirk, Spock, Abraham Lincoln and
Surak, a great Vulcan, do deadly battle against four notorious villains from the past.

78. All Our Yesterdays

Airdate: 14 Mar 1969

Stardate: 5943.7

All Our Yesterdays Investigating the disapperance of the population of the doomed planet Sarpeidon, Spock and McKoy find themselves trapped
in the world’s past with the help of a time machine called the Atavachron. They entered unprepared, so Kirk must retrieve them
before they die.

79. Turnabout Intruder

Airdate: 3 Jun 1969

Stardate: 5928.5

Turnabout Intruder Kirk meets his old flame Janice Lester on the planet Camus II. Supposedly she is dying of radiation poisoning, but
she is also a woman scorned and is determined to get her revenge on Kirk. She uses an alien machine to swap the consciousness of Kirk
and herself to get control of the Enterprise. Kirk, inhabiting Janice’s body, must convince Spock of the dire situation.